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It's no exaggeration for me to say that Colette's HIIT classes have been life changing for me. Back in February I started a month of daily early morning classes online, never thinking I would even last a week. I was overweight and unfit, but Colette's infectious enthusiasm and energy kept me going, and after only a couple of weeks I began to see the benefit.
I became hooked on the classes, and have just finished month 10. By combining the HIIT with a low blood sugar diet, I have lost over 3 stone and am delighted with how toned my muscles are. I have so much energy and my upper body strength in particular has improved enormously.
Colette explains the exercises very clearly and gives us alternatives to try. I love the variety of different exercises within each class, and even if there is the occasional exercise that I hate, I only have to do it for 45 seconds and it's done. The classes are very well planned to provide a full body workout, covering cardio, core, weights and strength.
Having never done a HIIT class before in my life, this 50-something owes a lot to Colette and the early morning metabolism boost is now part of my daily routine. Thoroughly recommended.

The treatment was very relaxing and lasted about an hour, in which time I sat back and relaxed while Colette worked her ‘magic’ on my feet. I instantly felt relaxed and the room is so calming and peaceful. I Went for pampering with purpose and not only could colette treat my feet and explain what she found,but she had so much more information,ideas and suggestions that I immediately made the necessary changes to my lifestyle . The treatment was amazing and I felt revived and content after. I will absolutly be booking another appointment.

Exceptional! I highly recommend booking a reflexology session with Colette. I’ve been to many other therapists over the years, and it’s a session I always thoroughly enjoy. However with Colette, it surpasses all. She’s extremely professional, kind and gifted. During the session, I can really feel my entire body let go of stress and tension, and drift into a lovely deep relaxed state. It’s more than a foot treatment, it’s a whole body therapy ( even though Colette focuses on feet). I will be booking back in for another few sessions. Treat yourself. Maev

You’re very encouraging which definitely makes me want to work harder for you. Love your music choices Your instructions are very clear, despite you getting your right and left mixed up sometimes. 😁

I've learnt how to do the plank properly. I've been doing them for years but I wasn't doing them properly until I did your classes. I feel a lot stronger doing them now😊

Great to be able to do a class first thing and also later in the day if my morning doesn’t go to plan. Love your energy, gentle pushing to keep going and your music selection. I really am feeling better than I did a couple of months ago.

Colette is one of those people who oozes positivity and craic but she is also always so keen to learn and pass on her learnings to help others.
I feel so lucky to know her and to watch with admiration as she constantly evolves and grows despite being thrown some pretty challenging curve balls.
All up, an amazing person... and inspirational in her approach to health and fitness!

I’ve been taking Colette’s Yin Classes for a couple of years now and they are energising, calming, challenging and relaxing, all in one. All levels are accommodated and the resulting improvement in flexibility and reduced stress are palpable. I highly recommend Colette and her wonderfully positive yet practical teaching style.

Very clear instructions always given and I always feel you consider the safety aspect of the exercises too. You give great encouragement.

I really enjoy the classes, there is always a mix of exercises so it's always different

I really like the balance of the classes. I like the way the classes feel quite informal although I know how much effort must go into planning each class. I even like the way you mix up your lefts and rights sometimes, it always makes me smile. Also your enthusiasm is infectious.

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