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It's no exaggeration for me to say that Colette's HIIT classes have been life changing for me. Back in February I started a month of daily early morning classes online, never thinking I would even last a week. I was overweight and unfit, but Colette's infectious enthusiasm and energy kept me going, and after only a couple of weeks I began to see the benefit.
I became hooked on the classes, and have just finished month 10. By combining the HIIT with a low blood sugar diet, I have lost over 3 stone and am delighted with how toned my muscles are. I have so much energy and my upper body strength in particular has improved enormously.
Colette explains the exercises very clearly and gives us alternatives to try. I love the variety of different exercises within each class, and even if there is the occasional exercise that I hate, I only have to do it for 45 seconds and it's done. The classes are very well planned to provide a full body workout, covering cardio, core, weights and strength.
Having never done a HIIT class before in my life, this 50-something owes a lot to Colette and the early morning metabolism boost is now part of my daily routine. Thoroughly recommended.


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