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To introduce myself, I'm a young girl :-) in her mid 40s who worked in the corporate sector for almost twenty years. In 2006, I trained to be a fitness instructor with NCEHS. I was lucky to have a bunch of fellow fitness enthusiasts in work, so I started teaching Interval Training classes twice a week in the office, which continued for many many years with the same regulars joining me every week. I also taught Yin Yoga every Friday in work which helped everyone unwind and set them all up nicely for the weekend. I taught Yin Yoga in River Holistic Centre in Raheny up until lockdown, after which I went online with my yoga classes. I commenced teaching online daily HIIT classes in February 2021 to get everyone moving during lockdown and these continued until Easter 2022 with only a few short breaks.
My mum got very sick for the first time when I was 9, and Reflexology gave her so much relief. This is when my interest was piqued. As I entered my teens, Mum's Reflexologist used to teach me techniques to help her. I trained to be a Reflexologist myself in 2014 and volunteered with ARC Cancer care to help those going through cancer.
Sadly, I found a lump in my right breast on the 9th January 2018. My world fell apart for a few weeks. I cried solid every day, I cried for myself but I also cried because I was putting my brothers through it again. Losing mum to cancer was bad enough, now their only sister was starting the fight. My husband also very sadly lost his previous partner to cancer in 2012.
However, 3 years on, I am cancer free and feel amazing. I want to share my tips and anything that helped me get through it.
I am a huge believer in looking after the WHOLE body.  Hence why I teach HIIT, but also yoga workshops and Yin yoga weekly.  
I have a deep yearning for learning and education, especially in terms of all things health related.
This is my new space to share information on my yoga classes, HIIT classes, workshops, reflexology, Doterra oils, natural products, my time with cancer and all things Balance.

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